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Living Like Royalty: Hotel Castles and the Best Castles on Airbnb

Posted by Tim Roberts on Jan 4, 2024 2:55:15 PM

Fairytale castle hotel surrounded by nature in Europe

Have you ever dreamt of living in a castle like the ones you used to read about in children's fairy tales? As part of experiential travel, people are seeking out more unique, once-in-a-lifetime kinds of stays. If you are interested in experiencing something historical and extravagant in your travels, then booking accommodations in a castle for your next trip could be right up your alley. With Airbnb, you can now don a knight's armor or a queen's robe and indulge in the historical opulence that only a castle can offer. Like our popular unique lodging experiences blog post, here, we've curated a list of the most sumptuous hotel and Airbnb castles —each a treasure trove of history and luxury.


Edinburgh Castle

There's nothing quite like the style and rich history of a Scottish castle. Originally built to protect the Scottish borders during military sieges and house royalty such as Mary Queen of Scots, in more recent years these castles have been used as set locations for such famous films as Braveheart and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. From the stern fortifications of Balintore Castle to the fairytale elegance of Cats Castle, Scotland’s castles offer a fascinating look into a range of architectural styles including medieval, Renaissance, and Scots baronial.


Dollarbeg Castle, The Tower - Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Aerial shot of Dollarbeg Castle on Airbnb

Photo credit Airbnb owner Paul


The Tower Apartment at the extraordinary Dollarbeg Castle offers an unparalleled blend of historical grandeur and contemporary luxury, making it one of the best castle accommodations in the United Kingdom. Featuring three uniquely-themed bedrooms catering to up to eight guests, this 16th-century stone castle rental combines history with technology, as evidenced by a state-of-the-art cinema room, formal dining room and exclusive tower space. On the top floor, you can step out onto the private rooftop terrace feeling like the ruler of this Scottish castle as you soak in sweeping vistas of the verdant countryside and the majestic Ochil Hills surrounding you.

Rates: Approximately US $790 per night


Dairsie Castle - Fife, Scotland

Dairsie Castle on AirbnbPhoto credit Airbnb owner Etsuko


Once a 19th-century ruin, Dairsie Castle was meticulously restored to its medieval grandeur in 1992 by its current owner. Every effort was made to preserve its historical essence while infusing it with all the conveniences of a contemporary family residence. What really stands out is the stylish interior design from the moment you step into the reception rooms, which places you at the crossroads of Scottish culture and chic, universal charm.

Dairsie Castle is located just a 15-minute drive from the historic and famous old course of St. Andrews, one of the best golf courses in the world, and one hour from the bustling, iconic city of Edinburgh.

Rates: Approximately US $1042 per night


Irish Castle   The Emerald Isle beckons travelers with its majestic castles, offering a unique experience that combines regal grandeur with warm Irish hospitality - stone walls, heraldic shields, and opulent chambers have been updated with contemporary comforts. It's an escape akin to stepping into a historical romance novel set in a lakeside castle, yet equipped with modern luxuries.


Catherastle - Galway, Ireland

Irish Catherastle castle on AirbnbPhoto credit Airbnb owner Peter


Indulge in an authentic medieval castle Airbnb experience for a weekend, an entire week, or even longer. Your royal accommodations will feature the master bedroom on the castle's top floor, enabling you to look down upon your imaginary kingdom below.

Meticulously restored to its original 15th-century grandeur, the Gothic baronial-style building balances tradition with innovation. Local stone and limestone have been paired with sturdy oak beams to maintain its historical integrity. The castle boasts modern luxuries as well, like solar-powered water heating for eco-conscious travelers.

Rates: Approximately US $196 per night (room only)


Luxurious Castle Junior Suite - County Cork, Ireland

Beautiful luxurious castle Cork LouisePhoto credit Airbnb owner Louise


Ireland's most ancient, continuously occupied castle has been thoughtfully modernized to meet 21st-century luxury standards. It offers a self-contained apartment on the first floor, featuring four windows that offer impeccable garden views. Or step onto the roof where the original castle parapets will allow you to defend your domain.

The private suite is complete with a cozy lounge, a well-equipped kitchen, dining table, a bedroom, and a bathroom—all featuring the comfort of underfloor heating and an ornate fireplace. Throw in some wine and your loved one with a roaring fire and this Airbnb castle makes for the perfect romantic escape.

Rates: Approximately US $320 per night (suite only)



English Castle house on AirbnbIn England, castle hotels are not just accommodations; they are time machines with a luxurious twist. From imposing medieval fortresses to romantic Tudor estates, these establishments seamlessly blend centuries-old architecture with modern amenities. Imagine slumbering in a four-poster double bed that kings and queens might have favored, yet enjoying Wi-Fi and spa-like bathrooms. These English castle hotels offer an extraordinary stay that harmonizes historical grandeur with today's luxuries, providing a travel experience fit for a royal.


Langley Castle - Northumberland, England

Exterior of Langley Castle hotel


This remarkable medieval 14th-century castle hotel in Northern England is one of the best castle hotels in Europe. Rest assured, whether you’re visiting for an unforgettable weekend getaway or hosting a romantic Northumberland castle wedding, your experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. We love that much of Langley Castle's interior has retained its raw stone walls, as opposed to most other castle hotels that have rendered and painted over them. The exposed stone continually reminds you that you are inside a storybook castle, and not another luxury resort.

Rates: Approximately from US $300 per night


Thornbury Castle - Gloucestershire, England

Countess-of-Salisbury-Superior-Deluxe-room at thornbury Castle hotel, EnglandPhoto credit Thornbury Castle


If a romantic, fairytale-like retreat is what you're after, look no further than Thornbury Castle - arguably one of England's most distinctive castle hotels with a storied history that includes hosting Henry VIII and various other interesting characters.

The castle has undergone luxurious updates fit for modern-day royalty. Prepare to be entranced by its charming rounded tower-house and graceful stone archways set majestically against picturesque gardens and fifteen acres of surrounding countryside. And that's just the exterior: once you venture inside, you'll find yourself captivated by enchanting spiral staircases, cozy medieval hearths, and stunning genuine Tudor designs.

Rates: Approximately from US $368 per night



French Chateau

In France, staying in a castle—or "château" as they are locally known—is the epitome of elegance fused with historical richness. These grand structures often date back to medieval times or the opulent eras of French royalty, offering an unforgettable backdrop to your vacation. From the rolling vineyards of Bordeaux to the Montreux castle and the Mediterranean, each château presents a distinct flavor of French culture and tradition.


Château de Cassis - Cassis Province, France

Chateau de Cassis perched on top of hill overlooking Cassis Harbor, France


The Château de Cassis perched on a cliff-edge (top right) dates back to the medieval period and stands as a remarkable tribute to the passage of time, bearing witness to a history that spans centuries. A monumental six-year restoration effort by the current owners has meticulously rejuvenated the château to its former glory while cultivating an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility. 

Both the interior and exterior designs pay homage to the castle hotel's storied past, which traces its roots back to the 5th century when it was a rudimentary stone and wood watchtower overlooking the ancient port city of "Carsicis Portus." By the 8th century, the site evolved into a proper fortress as fortified walls encircled the tower (remnants of which are preserved in today's "Saracen" tower), and by the 15th century, the castle walls contained as many as 250 inhabitants and upwards of 50 homes. The castle has been the site of tragedies, attacks, a visit from a young Napoleon Bonaparte, and much more, finally passing into private ownership in 1896 and remaining so to this day. To become a part of this fortress’s colorful story, you can reserve a room or even the entire castle!

Rates: Approximately from US $412 per night (room only)


Chateau Eza - Côte d'Azur, France

Chateau Eza Michellin star restaurant

Photo credit Château Eza


Nestled within the age-old medieval hamlet of Èze on the French Riviera, Château Eza is an exquisite 5-star boutique hotel and one of the most enchanting romantic retreats on the Côte d’Azur. The chateau hotel seamlessly integrates with its historic surroundings and boasts 14 uniquely designed rooms, each offering unparalleled vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dining at Château Eza is an experience not to be missed, whether sitting by the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Côte d’Azur in its Michelin-starred restaurant, reveling in the sea breezes from one of the private balconies while enjoying stunning views of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, or savoring the delights of impeccable sommelier-guided dégustation menus in the Wine Cave. The castle also features exclusive event venues, stunning bar terraces, and is strategically situated between the famed locales of Nice and Monaco.

Rates: From approximately US $1375 per night (suite only)



Spanish CastleSet against the diverse landscapes of Spain, from the rolling hills of Andalusia to the rugged coastlines of Catalonia, these hotel castles blend medieval charm with 21st-century amenities. Imagine staying in a centuries-old fortress with stone-walled suites, yet enjoying modern comforts like world-class spas, gourmet dining, and state-of-the-art technology.


Cap Rocat - Palma de Majorca, Spain

Cap Rocat 2

Photo credit Maria Hibbs


Tucked within a fortress designed to protect the Bay of Palma, Cap Rocat has been declared an ‘asset of 'cultural interest’ and is categorized as a national monument. Situated within a designated ‘natural protected area’ nature reserve, the fortress seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. Under the masterful touch of architect-owner Antonio Obrador, Cap Rocat has been thoughtfully renovated, paying utmost respect to its distinctive architecture and natural setting. As a result, it has been acknowledged with numerous accolades, including the prestigious Europa Nostra award, and is a testament to the Mediterranean luxury travel lifestyle.

Rates: Approximately from US $430 per night


Castillo de Santa Catalina - Málaga, Spain

Castillo de Santa Catalina hotel castle over looking Malaga, Spain

Imagine waking up to panoramic ocean views framed by ancient stone walls, spending your day exploring beautifully manicured gardens, and unwinding in a lavish suite complete with modern conveniences. This is what you'll experience when staying at Castillo de Santa Catalina (‘St. Catherine's Castle’) in Málaga, perched atop a serene hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Nature lovers will especially appreciate the lush greenery seen at every turn. The castle offers an unparalleled luxury accommodation experience that transports you back to an era of regal splendor.

Rates: Approximately from US $200 per night



Fairytale German castle perched on the edge of a cliffNestled amidst lush forests, overlooking scenic lakes, or sitting atop rolling hills, Germany's architectural marvels take you on a journey back in time, all while offering the pinnacle of modern comforts. From Bavarian palaces with a unique Rococo flair to Rhineland fortresses boasting Medieval charm, each property offers an unmatched blend of the old and the new.


Auf Schönburg Castle Hotel - Oberwesel, Germany

Auf Schönburg Castle Hotel - Oberwesel, Germany

If you're a wine enthusiast, you might opt for the unparalleled tranquility and luxury found amidst the sprawling vineyards of Auf Schönburg Castle Hotel. It overlooks the majestic Rhine River sound (one of the world's famed guided river tours) and the hospitality of the Hüttl family and their dedicated team make you feel at home in elegantly comfortable surroundings.

The Schönburg rustic castle in Oberwesel offers 29 lavish private rooms, suites, and cottages, catering to up to four guests. The castle is popular among holiday-goers, families, aficionados of art and culture, culinary enthusiasts, and business travelers alike.

Rates: Approximately from US $150 per night


Hotel Schloss Waldeck - Edersee, Germany

Hotel Schloss Waldeck - Edersee, Germany

Overlooking the quaint town of Waldeck, Castle Waldeck stands on the foundations of an 11th-century stronghold that has maintained its original medieval character. Once the familial home of the Counts of Waldeck, this imposing structure has donned many hats throughout history. Serving as military barracks and later transforming into a state penitentiary in 1734, the rather ominous-looking building has also functioned as a state archive and forestry office. As far back as 1906, the castle transitioned into its current role as a hotel, offering guests a unique blend of historical significance, modern amenities and perhaps some paranormal activity 👻.

Rates: Approximately from US $150 per night



Italian castle hotel on a hilltop overlooking a beach in NaplesFrom the rolling hills of Tuscany to the historic landscapes of Sicily, these magnificent fortresses offer a fascinating blend of historic architecture and contemporary amenities.


Torre Trasita - Positano, Italy

Positano castle on Airbnb built into the cliffs edge over the Mediterranean Sea

Photo credit to Airbnb owner Roberta


This is a unique one in a great location perched on the edge of a cliff in Positano overlooking the Mediterranean. You literally have the beach at your doorstep and it can accommodate up to six guests. The historic 16th-century tower features a stone spiral staircase, private gardens and lovely hills walking down to the beach. Perhaps the best feature of all is the tower-top deck offering sweeping views of the Amalfi coast. There are also excellent mountain biking trails in the vicinity of Positano to explore the area.

Rates: Approximately from US $1,896 per night (two-night minimum stay)


Castello di Serravalle - Veneto, Italy

Castello di Serravalle on Airbnb in Veneto, ItalyPhoto credit to Airbnb owner Ada


Here you get to experience the luxury of staying in an entire medieval castle, perfectly situated to accommodate up to 8 guests in Vittorio Veneto, Treviso. Housing three distinct units within its ancient walls, this castle is the ultimate venue for a family get-together, a reunion with friends or a wedding. Perched atop a hill, the property provides picturesque views of medieval rooftops as well as the breathtaking mountains in the distance. As an added bonus, its prime location serves as an ideal starting point for exploring Veneto's artistic cities or for adventurous outdoor activities in the nearby Dolomites, be it hiking or mountain biking.

Rates: Approximately from US $460 per night (three-night minimum stay)


Have you ever stayed in any of these locations, or perhaps another amazing castle not included in this list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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